Raja Ampat Above the Water - Sauwandarek Village

The 14-day liveaboard diving experience during Xmas in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, was so unique to me that there is no way for me to summarize everything in just one or two posts. I will try to upload the photos here, post by post, to share some of the best memories.

On the third day of the trip, we were in the Dampier Strait and visited Sauwandarek Village.

It was during the afternoon, and the children were playing in the water on the beach. They must play on the beach every day, yet they still enjoyed it so much.

Though not entirely fresh, it was my first time cutting open coconuts, and it was quite fun! The knife was not as sharp as I had expected, but the girl managed it very well.

In the center of the village, there was a school. The classrooms were clean and tidy. I could imagine that the educational resources were limited here. I wonder how much they wish to leave this place when they grow up.

Our guide informed us that this village was one of the largest ones. Yet, the people living here were still poor. The government spent limited funds for local development, and the rest depended largely on tourism. They must have struggled a lot during the pandemic.

The children here were lively, just like the lively fish in the ocean.